Happy 6th Birthday, Victoria!


Happy sweet sixth birthday, sweetie!  You are the best little sister to Lily and the sweetest little daughter to me!!  You have the most amazing and beautiful mind, sweetest personality, funniest sense of humor, and kindest heart and loving soul.  We love you to the moon and back!!!  We truly do.



Victoria had a beautiful birthday morning with her sister!  She just wanted to take photos and smile and be happy since it’s her birthday!  I still can’t believe she’s six years old now!  She looks so grown up and mature!  They both do.  I wish I can just pause everything for a minute.  I’m just so happy that they’re so healthy and happy! 🙂 That’s all that matters.

Happy sweet sixth birthday, my beautiful little angel!  I’m so happy that you are finally one year older!!  Awww, I hope you have all of your wishes, dreams, hopes, and everything that you ever wanted comes true!!  I only want what’s best for you, sweetie.  I love you so much, Victoria Vivienne!!  You and Lily holds my whole heart.  I love you!!!!

imageimageShe loves her two best friends!  They got to eat lunch with her!!  Aw, thank you for making my little girl’s birthday morning very special girls!  So sweet!!!!imageimage

I wanted to pause for a second, hold my baby, give her all of my love and attention, and just be thankful for everything in my life.  I love her so much!!  Lily was in her classroom and she couldn’t join us, but she understood why her sister wasn’t with us.  She said, “I know, mommy.  She has class right now.”  So cute!!!


We spent her entire morning and afternoon at school with her, my sweet tiny little gal and it was so sweet!!  We just had a nice and relaxing time celebrating her special day with her friends and I’m so glad she was in a good and happy mood!!  I love how she’s always so sweet and cheerful.  I just love every tiny bit of her!!  She’s pretty awesome!!!!

image image

I set every decorations up right after we arrived back home.  We took a really long time since I haven’t really wrapped any of her presents up yet.  I think it went well.  The beautiful decorations, balloons, presents, and every little details were so amazing.  I can’t believe we pulled it off in the last minute!  It looked so beautiful!!!!  Thank god it was so pretty!!

I got all of the decorations from partycity.com and we bought all of their presents from Walmart.  I love how inexpensive they were!  We had planned on getting gifts and the decorations ahead of time.  So we weren’t in a rush or anything.  We also added tiny little finishing touches, like this gorgeous happy birthday banner from etsy.com!  I’ll find the link for you guys!  I can’t believe it’s so pretty!!  We used it for the first time on Heavenlily’s 8th Birthday (here) which I of course cried because my baby isn’t a baby anymore, she’s 8!  Like, how the heck did that happened?!

I bought this really lovely garland, with the light pink colors, nude, gold, and white.  It’s really pretty, I can’t believe it is still hanging like a pro.  It took me a long time to hang it.  I’m glad it looks really lovely!!

The really big balloon “6” and purple balloons, and table covers were all from partycity.com.  We knew how much Victoria loves Shopkins because she’s asked us since Lily’s birthday that all she wanted for her birthday was Shopkins!!  She’s very cute when it comes to her asking us.  I love it, I hope she’s always this cutie pie forever.

The rest of the presents that we had gotten was from buying monthly when they were on sale.  I always think, “Yup, this ones perfect and it’s on sale.  How awesome!”  Every little details are from ten years ago and more.  I’ve kept everything as clean, neat, and well taken care of as possible.  I love how we still keep everything from when we first started dating, almost ten years ago.  Those gold cups are from Anthropologie.com.  I got those for them for Christmas last year.  They were so happy because their initials are on them.  I wished they had mine, but I’ll wait.  The soft beige tufted chair is from target.com.  I actually got four rptall bar stools.  They are so comfy, I’m really glad that I got it.  Finally, all of their wrapping paper are all from Walmart.  I thought since they’re only opening it up and throwing it away afterward, we might as well just get every wrapping paper at Walmart. I’m happy because we got all of the pretty ones!



First thing that we did, Lily surprised her with a very special birthday letter!!!  I love how Victoria was so surprised and her reaction was so precious!!!!!

Lily was so sweet and surprised her with a beautiful birthday letter of her favorite Shopkins!!!  She is so sweet and thoughtful.  I can’t believe she took her time at school, and made her a birthday card!!  That’s the sweetest thing in the whole world!!  To see them so loving and sweet and caring.  Thank god they are best friends!!!!

Thank you so much Lily for the beautiful birthday letter!!  We loved it and Victoria loooves it so much!!!!  She was very happy that you made her a birthday letter.  It is so beautiful.  Thank you so much, sweetie!!!!


I loved every little pieces and details of the decorations!!  Thank goodness it turned out so well!!
















We finally surprised Victoria with her Shopkins birthday cake!!!  She was so funny because she thought we didn’t get her Shopkins, but we did!!!  Thankfully, it tasted so good!!  She loved it, that’s all that matters.


She was wishing so hard that she didn’t want to blow out the candles just yet.  She wanted me to wait.  She’s so cute!!!


Can you believe she’s already six years old?  Time sure does fly!  Pretty soon she’ll be off to college and having her own tiny littl family.  I’m so proud of you girls so much!!!


She is so cute!!  Look how happy she is!!!





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