Happy 29th Birthday & Mother’s Day!

Happy 29th Birthday & Happy Mother’s Day to me!  I can’t believe we get to celebrate it on the same day, lucky me!  (Aren’t they just the sweetest thing ever?!)


I can’t believe it’s my birthday already!  I’m so happy that I am a mom to the most beautiful little girls in the whole wide world!
They’re so amazing, smart, sweet, loving, kind hearted, and most of all perfect for me.  It can be hard being a mom, but the rewards that comes with being a mom are everything to me.  I love waking up to their sweet tiny little faces, their innocence.  They make my whole world stop and I just feel so blessed.  I pray every night that my girls would have good health.  That’s all that I ever wanted.  Good health, happiness, and guidance.  I think that’s what all mothers, parents wants.  It’s amazing how much they’ve grown.  They make me so proud!  I’m so proud that they’re mine!  

They are doing so well in school!  Victoria made the honor roll twice this year in her kindergarten class!  Lily made the honor roll in kindergarten and in first grade!  I’m happy that they’re enjoying school and they’re safe there as well!

I wanted to talk about everything motherhood.  I was about 20 years old when I had my first child, Heavenlily Angeline!  She was born on February 29, 2008.  She weighed in 7lbs 01oz, 21 1/2 inches long!  She was this tiny little person and I never thought I could ever love anyone, but when I saw her, held her for the first time, I knew this isn’t the kind of love that you can ever find, it’s the kind of love that you are blessed with.  Victoria, I felt the same exact way…  I cried so hard when they were both born.  I prayed long and hard for their health!  

Lily was born on time!  She was supposed to be born on March 1st, but leap year was around the corner that time of year!  She wanted to be born on that special day, so technically she’s only 2 years old!  She’s 8 years old, but since her birthday only comes every four years, she tells everyone that’s she’s 2 years old!  She’s in the second grade now, so fast the time flies.  She’s very active and she’s always wanted to be the leader of everything, she loves to read a lot about outer space and everything to do with building things, we got her Lego Elsa and Anna for her birthday!  She’s very impressive when it comes to playing games, like sports!  She’s actually very good at everything!  I always tell Lily that she’s a gift from God and she was born on a very special day, she’s always happy to hear me say that.  Lily loves playing with her sister, of course!  She pretends she’s a chef and she bakes and cooks everything for her!  She also loves to sing her to sleep at night.  She’s such a good big sister!  She and Victoria do fight a lot, but they’re more than best friends than anything else!

Aw, my sweet little baby…  Victoria was born on May 12, 2010.  She weighed in 7lbs 8.4oz, 19 1/2 inches!  She was so tiny!!!  She’s still very tiny!!!  She’s very much in love with everything, reading, playing sports, playing with her sister, and being a little baby sister!  She loves playing dress up, make up, shopping, sports, and reading!  She reads to us every single day.  She’s always surprising me with a letter every morning and when I’m in bed, she’s always cuddling up with me.  I love it!  She’s in kindergarten now!  Aw, she’s growing up way too fast!  She is in love with everything in school: art, music, gym, library, and lunch!  She’s always making new friends!  I’m really happy that she’s enjoying school.  She is now five years old, she’s actually turning 6 tomorrow!!  Ahhh!  I’m so nervous and excited about her birthday!  She was born in between my birthday and her daddy’s, so she is our birthday surprise!  She loves playing with her sister in their playroom.  They play tea parties, bake macaroons, sings songs, watch movies, and dress up like princesses.  She loves being the baby in the family!  I’m so happy that they’re my babies!  They are the greatest gifts ever!!  <3

I had a very beautiful and lovely surprise in the morning…


  1. I woke up to this sweet surprise, thank you girls & daddy!
  2. Victoria handmade me my very own tea holder “You’re Tea-rific!” tea pot!  So beautiful and I love it so much sweetie!  I love how she thought about what I love the most, which is drinking tea in the morning.  It’s very lovely!
  3. Lily made me this really beautiful photo frame from art class!  Lily, it was very beautiful and thank you for making me a picture frame of you!  It was amazing!
  4. Lily & Victoria handmade me their own “I love you, Mom!” books and poems!!  It was so beautiful, I couldn’t stop smiling 🙂
  5. The prettiest white orchids and red hearts balloons, thank you!

imageVictoria: “Happy Birrthday Mom I hope that you have a great day at your home.  Love, Victoria Vivienne” <3

Beautiful, sweetie!  I love it!  So sweet 🙂  Victoria is only 5 years old and she wrote this all on her own!  I thought it was the sweetest thing ever!  I feel so blessed!  Thank you again sweetie!  I truly love your birthday card and your drawing is the sweetest thing ever!!  🙂  She also made me this really sweet poem!  Awww!  I cried and thought how lucky I was to be their momma!!  It’s so beautiful, everything sweetie!  You are the sweetest!!!  <3imageLily made me my very own “My Mom” book!  Awww, she is so sweet!  She read everything to me and it was so lovely!  She knows everything that I love, my favorite book, color, food, and interests.  It was so beautiful, Lily!!  You drew so well and very lovely!!!  <3  I was very impressed, sweetie, thank you so much!!imageMy sweethearts made me my favorite cake!  It’s red velvet cake with white icing and white candles!  So beautiful, thank you!  The brownie cookies was so good, too! 🙂imageimageThey looked so lovely!!imageimageimageI could just die!
imageimageThey looked so pretty!  We were all wearing matching outfits 🙂imageimageLove our birthday traditions!  We always have my birthday party dinner at Red Lobster Restaurant.  It’s very expensive, but we loved the service and the food always tastes so good, fresh, and delicious!  The weather was beautiful <3
imageThey are the best thing to ever happened to me <3 imageWe were waiting for a minute before they seated us on our table 🙂imageimageimageimageShe wanted to take the iPad and take lots of pictures now!  🙂imageimageWe were finally sitting on our table
imageMy outfit was very simple.  I wore satin white longsleeve top, skinny blush toned jeans, denim jacket, and my girls wore their gorgeous pink dresses and denim jackets, as well!  🙂  We were all matching!  <3imageCan’t you tell?  I’m in love with seafood 🙂  I care more about food than anything else right now, hehe!!!imageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimageimage


imageimageimageimageimageimageLovely surprise with a happy birthday song from my family and everyone in our little area!  Thank you, it was so sweet!  🙂 image image image image image image image Aren’t they the sweetest?!  Thank you girls for my beautiful gifts!  Everything was so amazing!  <3image image image image image image imageI loved everything about today and I feel truly blessed.  Thank you for an amazing, sweet, and thoughtful lovely birthday and Mother’s Day!  <3

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