I write from my heart and everything I love starts at home, my family, my inspirations for decorations, style, fashion, beauty, gardening, and love for antiques and creative ideas.

A little about me..

My husband and I have been married for almost fifteen years. He was deployed for the first year and a half when we had our first daughter. Then two years later, our second daughter was born. We moved from Hawaii, where I grew up and was raised, all the way to Washington, D.C. for about two years and now we are finally creating memories and making our first home, our forever home. We love living near the lake, it’s so calm and peaceful. We have been blessed with two more beautiful children, a sweet, loving, caring, and amazing baby boy, and a little lady on the way!

I just want to share a tiny glimpse of my life here in this corner with you. I hope you enjoy!

xx Mary